Power Supply

What is a power supply?

A power supply is a device that converts electrical energy from one form to another in order to fit the electronic device’s specifications and limitations. The power supply takes power from a main electricity supply or battery and converts it into a type of energy that the device can use to do what it’s supposed to do. In order for the voltage and current to be safe for the device, the conversion has to happen. If no energy conversion occurs, the device may stop working or even worse.

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Precision Coil

What is a precision coil?

A precision coil is a coil wound with an electric wire (magnet wire) in a wide range of gauges, amount of turns, dimensions, etc, that can be formed in a specific shape, for example, a rectangle or square. Most coils are made of high-quality pure copper, but other metals can be used as well. Below, you can find more info about where the precision coil is used and why you should choose a precision coil.

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