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The new 4 kW scalable power solution

The LAPS-4000 is a 4 kW scalable power supply solution for DC and pulsed applications and can be used in serial and/or parallel operation. The low ripple and excellent transient response, together with the unique features like the safety interlock (PLe) and DC input capability, makes the LAPS-4000 one of the most innovative power supply solutions in the market.


Our market expertise

power supply solutions, coils & linear drives

We are specialized in switched-mode power supply solutions and special coils & linear drives, operating worldwide. We develop, manufacture and market these power conversion solutions ranging from power supply units to highly complex power systems for top-level producers of professional machinery and equipment.


High-power platform for laser applications.

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Customer-specific coils & power supply units for high-end analytical applications.

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Coils & Linear drives for lithographic semiconductor equipment.

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SFC power supply solutions

High-power platform

Our high-power platform is a compact and cost-effective power supply platform. Especially for the dynamic behaviour of power systems.

Power Supply Product Lines


120 W

Output voltage
24 V



2.4 kW

Output voltage
5 ... 40 V (DC)



4 kW

Output voltage
9-55 V
or 15-90 V



7 kW, 14 kW, 21 kW

Output voltage
2,5 ... 45 V / 5 ... 90 V
7,5 ... 135 V / 10 ... 180 V / 15 ... 270 V


Over 20 years experience

Since more than 20 years we have been helping customers achieve their mission-critical objectives by designing and manufacturing power supplies, coils & linear drive solutions suited for laser, analytical and semiconductor applications.

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Reliable and high-quality products from SFC Energy

Power supply solutions, coils & linear drives
for laser, analytical and semiconductor applications

Customised power supply solutions

High-power platform solutions

We develop and produce highly specialised, tailor-made power supply solutions for the operation of sensitive, high-power equipment such as electron microscopes, high-tech video and audio systems and laser equipment. Our customised power supply and power management systems ensure that the equipment is always reliably supplied with precise power.

High-power platform

Customer-specific coils & linear drives

Special coils & linear drives

We develop and produce reliable coils & linear drives with the highest standards of quality. The products are used for electron microscope lenses or deflection coils, for example.

Coils & linear drives

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