Power supply solutions & highly complex coils & linear drives

Specialist in power supply solutions,
coils & linear drives

SFC Energy develops, manufactures and markets highly reliable standard and semi-standard high-power platform solutions for demanding requirements in laser and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and analytical applications. SFC Energy also co-develops and manufactures highly complex and reliable coils & linear drives for semi-conductor manufacturing equipment and analytical applications.

Laser Power Platform

A compact and cost-efficient power suppy solution that is scalable in voltage, current and power levels. Additionally low noise, high stability, excellent dynamic response and an integrated safety interlock. Designed and produced to meet the tough requirements of the high-power laser applications.

Laser Power Platform

Semi-customized Power Platform

Based on the need to seamlessly integrate our products into your operating environment, we can customize the power supplies in our platform to meet your demands.

Semi-customized Power Platform

Coils & Linear Drives

SFC develops power supply solutions for microscopy, x-ray systems and spectrometry. Besides this, we co-develop coil assemblies for E-beam technology used in analytical systems.

Coils & linear drives

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