LAPS-R series

19" ACDC power supply with safety interlock

Technical Data

8 to 20kW in a 19” 3U

The LAPS-R series is a scalable power supply solution for DC and pulse applications. It comes with 3 phase universal mains input (no neutral). The unique integrated safety interlock PLe according to ISO 13849-1 functionality guarantees safety, reduces cost on system level and improves system uptime.

Scalable power solution for laser applications

The LAPS-R series can be put in parallel or series operation. It is specially designed to handle any kind of pulsed loads.

Brief facts

  • Up to 20kW in a 19” 3U
  • Modular and scalable
  • Safety interlock class PLe (unique!)
    • Double safety interlock
    • ISO-13849-1 PLe certified
  • High power density
  • Very low ripple
  • Excellent transient response
  • Programmable current and voltage output
  • Interface
    • Galvanic isolated
  • Analog control and monitoring
  • Parallel and/or series operation
  • Universal 3-phase mains without neutral, no derating
  • Liquid cooled
Working On Lasy 9118 600x400Lasy TestingLab Almelo Sfc EnergyWorking On Lasy Sfc Almelo

LAPS-R series Technical data

Model Output Voltage Output Power
LAPS-8000-xx-R 9-55V / 15-90V / 18-110V / 30-180V 8000W
LAPS-12000-xx-R 9-55V / 15-90V /27-165V 12000W
LAPS-16000-xx-R 9-55V / 15-90V / 18-110V / 30-180V 16000W
LAPS-20000-xx-R 9-55V /15-90V / 24-145V 20000W

More Specs and Downloads

LAPS-R series Downloads

High Power Standard Platform Comparison

LACS series

3.8 ... 19kW

Output voltage
up to 65 V


LAPS-R series

8 ... 20 kW

Output voltage
24 ... 180 V (DC)



4 kW

Output voltage
9-55 V or 15-90 V



2.4 kW

Output voltage
5 ... 40 V (DC)



120 W

Output voltage
24 V


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