LACS series

Current Driver System

19” multi-channel fast current driver system with interlock, for LASER applications

Technical Data

The LACS family is a modular system that offers flexible configuration options, ranging from 1 to 8 channels

The liquid cooled 19" multi-channel fast current driver systems have been specifically engineered for applications in fiber laser and diode bar laser systems.

Cost efficiency solutions for laser systems

The cost efficiency effective solutions are designed for laser systems in the range of 500 W to 5000 W optical power.

Brief facts

  • Up to 8 fast current driver channels that can be put in parallel
  • Up to 65 V, 35 A, 2.3 kW per channel
  • 3.8 to 19 kW in a 19” 3U
  • Modular and Scalable
  • Fast rise and fall times of <10 µs (programmable)
  • Multi channel driver system
  • Safety interlock class PLe
    • Double safety interlock
    • ISO-13849-1 PLe certified
  • Overshoot compensation
  • Excellent pulse to pulse stability
  • Galvanic isolated interface
  • Analog and/or digital control and monitoring
Working On Lasy 9118 600x400Laser system Power supply TestingLab Almelo Sfc EnergyWorking On Lasy Sfc Almelo

LACS series Technical data

Model Output Power
LACS-3800 3800 W
LACS-7600 7600 W
LACS-11400 11400W
LACS-15200 15200 W
LACS-19000 19000 W

More Specs and Downloads

LACS-series Downloads

High Power Standard Platform Comparison

LACS series

3.8 ... 19kW

Up to 8 fast current output channels
0-65 V / 0-35 A per channel


LAPS-R series

8 ... 20 kW

9 - 180 V programmable
up to 400 A



4 kW

Output voltage
9-55 V or 15-90 V



3 phase input, 120 W

24 V


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