Plug & Play solution


High-performance power supply with multiple current drivers

Technical Data

Fully integrated plug & play solution

The fully integrated Plug & Play solution combines a high-performance SFC power supply with multiple current drivers, eliminating the need for external modules. The current drivers can be configured and scaled on demand, featuring attractive new options plus decisive cost, quality and service advantages.

Why LASY18A-12C is perfect for you

Laser diodes require very stable, precise, often highly dynamic power supplies. Our powerful power supplies feature an extremely high energy density solution for the highly sensitive laser diode loads. Dynamic load adjustment between the grid connection and laser unit ensures optimum efficiency with the dynamic, fast pulsability required in laser systems. The power supplies also significantly increase total system performance and lifetime, enabling new and optimised applications.

  • The LASY18A-12C is the new standard in laser power systems. Compactly and effectively designed especially for the dynamic behaviour in laser systems.
  • The SFC LASY provides up to 10.8 kW of electrical power.
  • The complete solution can drive up to 12 laser diode strings for 3000 W of optical power.
  • The water-cooled system can be directly connected to universal mains, and can drive almost any fiber laser.
  • For example, with 2 laser diodes of 190 W in series, it is possible to drive 24 fiber lasers 40 – 50 V.
  • The LASY18A-12C is modular system and can be configured on from 1 to 12 channels.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for laser systems in the range of 500 W to 3000 W of optical power.
  • The fail-safe interlock system is compatible with the required emergency systems and guarantees operator safety.
  • LASY is CSA certified as a Safety Component under the EU Machinery Directive and supports PL e safety systems.
Working On Lasy 9118 600x400Lasy TestingLab Almelo Sfc EnergyWorking On Lasy Sfc Almelo

LASY18A-12C Technical Data

Input voltage 180-528 Vac, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
Output current 18 A per channel
Output voltage 40-50 V
Number of channels 4, 8 or 12
Rise/fall time 10 us
Dimensions 3 HE, 19”
Cooling type Water cooling (integrated)
Safety Interlock ISO 13849-1/Category 4, PLe

More Specs and Downloads

LASY18A-12C Downloads


120 W

Output voltage
24 V



2.4 kW

Output voltage
5 ... 40 V (DC)



3.8 kW

Output voltage
5 ... 52 V (DC)



4 kW

Output voltage
9-55 V
or 15-90 V



7 kW, 14 kW, 21 kW

Output voltage
2,5 ... 45 V / 5 ... 90 V
7,5 ... 135 V / 10 ... 180 V / 15 ... 270 V



up to 10.8 kW

Output voltage
0 – 50 V


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