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SFC Energy develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable standard and semi-standard high-power platform solutions for demanding requirements in laser, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and analytical applications. Furthermore, SFC Energy co-develops and manufactures highly complex and reliable coils & linear drives for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and analytical applications. SFC operates from its R&D and manufacturing locations in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and Almelo, The Netherlands.

SFC offers a professional working environment where students can gain in-depth knowledge. Together with SFC, your assignment will be worked out in more detail, starting from what you want to learn!

Student Electrical Engineering
Power electronics and specializations such as control engineering, analogue electronics, EMC, design of magnetics. Possible tasks could be researching the feasibility of SiC and Si Technology, creating a CI/CD pipeline on Gitlap and executing tests. We want to know what YOU want to learn and which skills you want to improve. Based on that, we can create an internship assignment.

Student Marketing
Investigation of defined markets and market segments, to address possible;

  • TAM – Total Addressable Market
  • SAM – Serviceable Addressable Market
  • SOM – Serviceable Obtainable Market
  • Including application areas & technology, suspects & prospects
  • Addressing markets in the USA, Europe and Asia
  • In cooperation with SFC’s marketing, business development & sales colleagues.
  • Additionally regarding MARCOM; advice on presence F2F (exhibitions / meetings / etc.) and online (Website / portals / LinkedIn / webinars / etc.)

Student Sales
Develop 2-3 strategies to efficiently convert SOM into prospects;

  • Define methodology, including phases/criteria/etc.
  • Use available information (internet / LinkedIn (Navigator) / market reports / SFC info / etc.)
  • Use of systems like SalesForce (campaigns/leads / etc.)
  • Test on 2 market segments resulting in qualified prospects (incl. contacts and/or meetings)

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